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Elders Financial LLC, Insurance Services, Plano, TX

David Winer is the President and principal planner at Elders Financial LLC.  He entered the field of financial services in 1988.  He has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and an MS in Marketing.

David has more than 25 years insurance, 18 years retirement planning, and seven years securities experience. He completed Certified Financial Planning courses at PDI Institute, Dallas, Texas.

Since 1994, David has focused on providing a financially conservative, reduced risk approach to his clients. Emphasis is given to investment safety, liquidity, and potential tax reduction. David was born and raised in Wisconsin, and has made his home in Plano, Texas with wife and family since 1981.

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All products are provided by A. M. Best, highly rated insurance companies. Product features, endorsements, issue ages or riders may not be available in all jurisdictions. Limitations or restrictions may apply. Before purchasing or considering  any policy, you should obtain competent tax and legal advice as to suitability of the product in question.  Insurance products are not FDIC/NCUA Insured, not deposit of a bank, not insured by the Federal Government
    TX Ins. Lic. # 817209

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Our focus is investment safety, with an emphasis on safeguarding family income and lifestyle.  

Our primary financial instrument is the tax-deferred fixed annuity

Over the last 25 years, we have witnessed a great amount of confusion and misunderstanding on the subject of annuities.

The confusion comes from the fact that there are two distinct types of annuities:
  • Fixed
  • Variable

We do not support the Variable Annuity because of market risk and high expenses.  Most of the negative perception of the annuity comes from this investment, which we view as unsuitable for those nearing or at retirement. 

We do support the Fixed Annuity due to contractual guarantees, safety of principal, and absence of fees.

Fixed annuity seekers have sought our services to provide:
  • Interest Rates that Exceed those Offered at the Bank
  • Reduced Taxation
  • A Lifetime of Guaranteed Income

Utilizing a network of highly rated insurance companies, we will find you the best available:

  • Immediate (Lifetime) Annuity
  • Term Annuity (like a CD)
  • Fixed Index Annuity 

CLICK HERE if you wish to view a sample of our current Fixed Annuity rates.

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